I don't believe in humans

Anonymous asked: You are quite beautiful.

Thanks :)

inkyhot asked: Hey! Stumbled across you online and saw some of your tattoos. We are starting a little tattoo magazine this fall and are looking for people to be in it, we were wondering if we could possibly use one of your pictures for it and do a little spread of you in it. If interested please email us at InkyHot@yahoo. com. Hope to hear from you!

Sure! That’d be dope!

Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told?

I’m forgetting what my best friends voice sounds like. I’m stretching toward the west coast. I’m missing familiarity. Freedom. Forgetting myself, for what? Being socially accepted? Nah; more than keeping my head above water. Conforming into someone I promised myself I never would. It’s about time, I put myself first.